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Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The CAO position is established by bylaw.  Under the direction of Mayor and Council, the CAO is responsible for the overall management of all operations of the City of Armstrong, ensuring that the policies, programs and other directions of Council are implemented and that the bylaws of the City and relevant Acts of the Province are upheld. The CAO holds the statutory position of Corporate Officer (CO) under Section 148 of the Community Charter and is designated the Head under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  The CAO is authorized to undertake any reasonable action necessary to carry out the responsibilities delegated to them so long as such action does not deviate from established Council policy nor exceed the limitations placed on his/her authority by the Council and the Community Charter. The CAO is the sole employee of Council and, as such, reports to and receives instruction from Council. The CAO has direct responsibility for all staff.

Corporate Officer (CO)

The the CO is responsible for providing professional administrative support services to Council and the CAO ensuring that statutory requirements are met.  This position serves as the Chief Elections Officer and assists the CAO for the purposes of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP).  In the absence of the CAO, the CO performs the statutory duties of the CAO in his or her absence, as described in Section 198 of the Local Government Act.

Administrative Functions

Presentations to Council: Agendas are prepared on the Thursday prior to the council Meeting and distributed on the Friday. Anyone wishing to have correspondence brought before Council or to appear before Council as a delegation, should contact the City Administrator or the CO well before Agenda Preparation Day. Persons wishing to appear as a delegation should complete this form, outlining the topic they wish to speak about.

Bylaws: View by-laws

Policy Manual: View policies on our Bylaws and Policies page

Communication Plan: View our Communication Plan

Personnel: Contact the CAO at 250-546-3023 (City Hall)

Maps: All City maps are now located on our website.

Land Use Planning: Planning services are provided in-house by the City Planner. View our current assigned planner on our Contact Us Page. Persons interested in the Zoning and Official Community Plan designations for their property are encouraged to contact City Hall.

Zoning / Rezoning Applications: View City's Zoning Bylaw. View Zoning Maps online on our website. Applications for re-zoning land are available at City Hall. Initial enquiries should be made directly to City Hall.

Official Community Plan Amendment Applications: View our Official Community Plan Bylaw. View OCP maps. Applications are available at City Hall. Initial enquiries should be made directly to City Hall.

Development Permit and Development Variance Permit Applications: Applications are available at City Hall. Initial enquiries should be made directly to City Hall.

Subdivision Applications: Applications are available at City Hall. Initial enquires should be made directly to City Hall. Visit our Contact Us Page to find out our current Subdivision Approving Officer.

Economic Development: Council has assigned the duties of defining the Economic Development Strategies for the City of Armstrong, to the Council Economic Development Committee. Initial enquiries can be made through the City Administrator, the Mayor, or the Economic Development Committee Chair (view the Council Committees Structure on our Council Page for current Chairperson).