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Bids, Quotes, RFPs & Tenders

Bids, Quotes, Request For Proposals & Tenders


Cell No. 3 Sludge Removal 

The City of Armstrong is inviting tenders for the dredging of Cell No. 3 Sludge Removal; the major works include:
- Sludge Dredging, Dewatering and Disposal of 4750 m³ of Sludge

The tender starting date is: December 3, 2019. Tenders are scheduled to close at: 1:00 pm local time on Thursday, December 19, 2019 January 16, 2020 February 6, 2020.

Tenders in a sealed envelope, clearly marked Tender For: Cell No. 3 Sludge Removal, will be accepted prior to the tender closing time at:
City of Armstrong
PO Box 40 | 3570 Bridge Street,
Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0

Tender documents are available by download here. 

Addendum 1 - change of closing date. 

Addendum 2 - Revised Appendix 1 and Q&A

Addendum 3 - Deadline for questions

Addendum 4 - Closing date and Deadline for questions

Addendum 5 - Revised Appendix 1, Disposal Site information and Q&A

Addendum 6 - Revisions and Q&A

2019 Awarded Bids