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Official Community Plan (OCP) Review



Official Community Plan


What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a "vision" developed by the community to manage the social, economic, environmental and physical future of an area by guiding land use, development and transportation activities.

An OCP articulates the goals and policies of the community on issues such as housing, transportation, parks, green spaces and community facilities.

The City of Armstrong currently has an OCP that was adopted on June 23, 2014, after a comprehensive public and stakeholder consultation process. This process helped develop a visionary and inspirational OCP that will ensure decisions related to land use, development, transportation and infrastructure reflect the community's desired future of Armstrong.

The City's Official Community Plan Bylaw


The Importance of Community Involvement

The OCP reflects the ideas and input of the people who live and work in Armstrong. It is developed through community involvement and speaks to the unique context of local concerns. Community participation is the key component in the creation of an OCP.  

During the OCP Review process, prior to adopting the current document, an OCP Advisory Committee was formed.  Membership consisted of citizens at large, representatives for youth, heritage, business,and seniors, and a member of Council.  The Committee received community input on various topics including:

  • Transportation, Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails

  • Economic Development

  • Food Systems

  • Housing

  • Energy & Climate Change

  • Arts & Culture

  • Growth Management, Agriculture/ALR Boundaries

Armstrong's Official Community Plan Review

The City of Armstrong has begun the process of reviewing and updating the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP).