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Public Works Winter Maintenance

The City of Armstrong asks you to remember when the snow comes back snow clearing activities will commence and we need your help to ensure snow removal is completed quickly and effectively: 

  • Street Parking: Do not park on any City streets during a snowfall. Vehicles parked on any street within the City create unsafe conditions and will cause interference with plowing, hauling, sanding and the maintenance required for our snow removal program. Uncleaned sections of the roadway create hazards for pedestrians, other vehicles and first responders.
  • Snow Removal: Do not take the snow from your driveway or sidewalk and push it onto the public portion of the roadway. The extra piles of snow can create a driving hazard for passing motorists. 
  • Placement of Garbage & Recycling Containers: Please place your garbage and recycling containers off the street or sidewalk. 

The City of Armstrong Bylaws and Public Works departments thank you for your co-operation so that the roads can be effectively maintained during the winter season.

The City's Winter Maintenance Policy can be viewed by clicking here.